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Well, it sure has been awhile, but our PineCrest events blog is back. Whether you’re planning a corporate or social event, or celebrating one of life’s many special moments, our team has a lot to offer by way of tips, trends spotlights, planning advice and more.

Plan a Birth Year Birthday Party
Posted on april 21, 2017

Looking for a theme for your next big birthday celebration? Bucks County, PA, birthday party halls have seen it all and finding a way to set your celebration apart will make your special day even more memorable. For this party, celebrate turning a year older by throwing a theme party dedicated to your birth year! After all, the year that welcomed you into the world is pretty special. Here are some great ideas for a birth year celebration.


Decorating for your birth year celebration should involve items from that era. If you can find newspaper pages – or print them from online archives – from your birth year, frame them and use them the background for table numbers. Be sure to get number balloons to represent your year, too! Other decorations can just evoke the nostalgia of your birth year. Born in the ‘70s? Make everything about disco. Are you an ‘80s baby? Neon it is!


One of the easiest parts of planning your birth year celebration is the soundtrack! Of course, don’t feel constrained to just the year you were born though there are likely lots of great hits to use. Open the soundtrack up to the entire decade – and beyond! If you were born at the beginning or end of a decade there’s a lot of crossover when it comes to music. Or, if you’re not totally into the music that was around when you came into the world, just play stuff you like from your younger years. Music is a powerful weapon when it comes to nostalgia!


Get your guests in on the fun! In your invite, make sure to let everyone know they’re encouraged to dress for the time period. You could even go as far as awarding a prize for the best or most genuine outfit! Another way to kick it up a notch is to add a formal element to the time-period attire. Babies of the ‘80s – have you always wanted your own “Pretty in Pink” prom? Go for it! You could even crown a king and queen of the “prom.” Have fun with it!


Adding games to your birth year celebration is a unique way to pay homage to the decade or year. Depending on the size of your party, you could offer board games for each table or for the group as a whole. Research some throwback games that were popular the year you were born. They might not be in production any longer but there are lots of old board games online for sale. If you’re not into the idea of board games or have a group that’s just too big – play trivia! Get some questions about current events, pop culture, or entertainment from the year or decade you were born. Be sure the prizes match the theme, too! Maybe a basket of candy and films produced in the year you were born? Get creative!


Bucks County PA Wedding Locations for a
Watercolor Wonder

Posted on April 14, 2017

One of the most beautiful and unique trends in weddings this year is watercolor. But which of the Bucks County, PA, wedding locations is perfect for your watercolor wedding wonder? Watercolors evoke a sense of whimsy and softness that your venue should support. Here are some tips on selecting a venue and ideas for your watercolor wedding.


When you’re evaluating Bucks County, PA, wedding locations, consider whether you’ll be hosting an outdoor or indoor event. When you’re going with a watercolor theme, having an outdoor wedding is perfect. You’ll want to make sure the venue you choose offers an outdoor location and that it’s well-manicured yet lush. Having a backdrop of beautifully bloomed trees and perfect green grass will highlight the watercolor elements you choose for your wedding. Not only will the outdoor space provide a wonderful backdrop for décor, it’ll put your guests in a natural and soft environment to complete the vision.


A wonderful way to weave your watercolor theme from into the ceremony is to create a unique piece of fabric for a wedding arch or arbor. By using a long cut of white fabric and some dye, you can make a one-of-a-kind watercolor piece to drape over an existing arch or similar structure to be the focal point of the ceremony. If you’re looking for a more florally focused way to pull in the watercolor theme, create your own paper watercolor flowers to decorate an arbor for the ceremony. Instead of using solid-colored craft paper, make your own watercolor masterpieces to create the flowers


When it comes to a watercolor theme at Bucks County, PA, wedding locations, you’ll want to keep your colors muted. That doesn’t mean they have to be dull or strictly pastels – you can play with color a bit! Select the palette you want to use and build your watercolor décor around it. Watercolor in the strict sense of the word won’t necessarily be used for everything, but selecting linens and flower arrangements around your watercolor palette is key. If you have dramatic watercolor décor, let the supporting elements like linens take a backseat.

Your watercolor wedding is sure to be spectacular. Feel free to let your imagination run wild when it comes to incorporating your theme throughout your special day. From invites to décor to attire – your unique vision has no limits!

Pink is Perfect for Montgomery County PA Bridal Shower Locations
Posted on April 5, 2017

Is your bride the girliest girl you know? Then it’s only fitting for her Montgomery County, PA, bridal shower location to be outfitted with all things pink! Don’t worry – you don’t have to stick to the sickeningly standard girlish hue. Think outside of the box and look at different shades of pink to use throughout the celebration while accenting with neutral colors for a chic and classy affair.


No bridal shower is complete without some beautiful buds to freshen up your location. When focusing on keeping things pink, rely on simple flowers that come in a variety of hues. Light pink peonies can be mixed with hydrangeas in darker hues, while adding white roses and subtle greenery will complete the look. Consider putting tiny arrangements on guest tables and even using single buds as a part of place settings.


When you’re sticking to a specific color, it’s easy to get overloaded. And when it comes to desserts and the color pink, it’s even easier to get tacky. Stay away from brightly saturated desserts for your girl’s bridal shower. Look for muted pink dessert options. Light pink macaroons and simply iced cakes with pink accents can be adorable additions to your affair.

Suggested Attire

Though not typically requested, you can certainly include a note on the bridal shower invite that guests are encouraged to incorporate pink into their planned wardrobe. Just like any themed party, guests might even appreciate the direction! Make sure to carefully inform guests of the tone of your gathering as well. The style of the bridal shower invite will go a long way in letting them know whether to wear pink leopard print or a subtler option.

Table Settings

When you’re sticking to a specific color, it’s easy to get overloaded. And when it comes to desserts and the color pink, it’s even easier to get tacky. Stay away from brightly saturated desserts for your girl’s bridal shower. Look for muted pink dessert options. Light pink macaroons and simply iced cakes with pink accents can be adorable additions to your affair.

Pink doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By using subtle hues and complimentary tones, your girl’s bridal shower is sure to be a hit with her and the entire guest list!


Best Themes for Bucks County Sweet 16
Posted on MARCH 16, 2017

Your girl is approaching that magic number and you want to celebrate her special day. You’ve picked a beautiful Bucks County Sweet 16 venue, but still have to plan the rest of the details including a theme! Picking out a theme for a 16-year-old can be challenging. Is it cool enough? Will her and her friends talk about it for years to come? Here are some of the best themes for her Sweet 16 celebration.

Fairytale Festivities

The standard Sweet 16 theme revolves around a fairytale evening celebrating the birthday princess. If this theme fits your girl’s personality, then why not go for it? Pick a Bucks County Sweet 16 venue that offers an elegant and picturesque setting to really drive the theme home. Fairytale events tend to be on the higher end of a budget, but if you’ve got it, spend it! Work in some magical uplighting, blinged-out décor, and sweet-as-can-be favors and eats. Take your girl shopping for the perfect ball gown and accessories to ensure she’s the star of the party. This theme begs for you to go big!

Camera Ready

Maybe your girl isn’t into the princess thing and more of a movie buff. Plan at movie or Hollywood themed party at your Bucks County Sweet 16 venue. Roll out the red carpet and hire a professional photographer to capture all her friends’ looks as they enter the event. To give it a real sense of paparazzi, see if your photographer has some extra lighting they can bring along for a flash effect! You can even have the DJ play a track that mimics adoring fans screaming for the guests. Throwing a movie themed Sweet 16 doesn’t have to be cheesy. Pick a few colors like black, silver or gold, and red and carry them through the décor. Add a marquee with your girl’s name on it for the full effect!

Under the Sea

If your girl would rather live her life in the sea a la Ariel than on land, throw her an Under the Sea Sweet 16! This is a theme you can have a lot of fun with. Outfit your Bucks County Sweet 16 venue with everything oceanic. Make chic centerpieces with glass containers, sand, and multicolored stones featuring shells or starfish as the main attraction. Add some greenery in the form of fish tank foliage for an easy-to-assemble focal point. Encourage guests to dress for the water, either by channeling mermaid vibes or boater attire for the boys. Throw together tubes of blue and green bath accessories or gummy sharks to give away as favors and outfit them with rope and sea creature charms. Keep the color scheme in blues, greens, and purples and ask your DJ to play water-themed tunes!

Regardless of the theme you settle on, one thing is for certain: your girl will remember the night for the rest of her life! Let the staff at our Bucks County Sweet 16 venue help you make the planning and execution go as quickly as the past 16 years. We’ve got it covered!


Kentucky Derby-Themed Birthday Party in Bucks County
Posted on March 3, 2017

Planning an early Spring soiree? Our Bucks County, PA, birthday party venue is the perfect place to throw a Kentucky Derby-themed event! This historic event exudes Southern grace and charm – the ideal combination to celebrate your next birthday in style. Here are some great ideas for a party fit for the track.


One of the biggest staples of the Kentucky Derby, and the state in general, is bourbon! Consider incorporating the celebrated spirit into the décor, favors, and, of course, drinks at your Bucks County, PA, birthday party venue. If you’re not a straight bourbon fan, there are several cocktails that you can offer to liven up the fiery spirit. No Derby event is complete without the mint julep, which is in great supply at the actual race. As an alternative, try mixing it up with bourbon slushy or bourbon Arnold Palmer.

Incorporate bourbon into décor by using empty bottles as vases. Maybe bottles and labels for Kentucky bourbon are quite charming! If your crowd is the imbibing type, offer mini bottles of bourbon as party favors for your guests.

Fancy Frocks

Another wonderful thing about the Kentucky Derby is the fashion! When people show up to the race, they are dressed to impress. From extravagant hats to bow ties and suspenders, race goers are ready to celebrate in their finest. This element is wonderful to carry through to your Bucks County, PA, birthday party venue. Make sure your guests know the required attire but noting it on your invite, then let the parade of unique outfits begin! To encourage guests to go all-out, why not have a hat competition for both ladies and gents? Be sure to offer derby-themed prizes to award for the winners in each category. You could throw together Kentucky-only baskets featuring bourbon, horse accessories, and even a homemade derby pie!

Horsing Around

So maybe you aren’t having your party on the day of the race. That’s ok! That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with games at your Bucks County, PA, birthday party venue. You might not be able to bet on the ponies, but you could have your own fun! This pin the jockey on the horse game can feature the lucky person celebrating a birthday. And don’t forget classic favorites like croquette and cornhole! There’s ample opportunity for everyone to get in on the fun, even if they can’t bet on the race.

No matter what elements you want to incorporate, our Bucks County, PA, birthday party venue is a sure bet.



Adults Can Party, Too: Tips for Fun Grown-Up Birthdays
Posted on february 24, 2017

Who says partying is just for kids? Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venues accommodate adults, too! Plan your next birthday extravaganza with the same enthusiasm a child would and go all out. Here are some of the best ideas for an adult birthday party.

Masquerade Ball

It doesn’t matter if your birthday is in October or not, throw a masquerade ball to celebrate mystery all year long! Masquerade balls at Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venues beg for the best of the best in dress. Make sure to make clear in your invite that guests are asked to dress to the nines in tuxedos and ball gowns. You can opt to provide the masks for your ball or note that guests should bring their own. This type of event would be perfect for a milestone birthday you want to remember forever.


If your birthday is in October, or you just love all things that go bump in the night, throw a vampire themed party. Go with a black and red color palette and ask everyone to dress accordingly. They can opt to either play the hunter or the victim and add some props and blood. Carry the theme over into the food and drink as well! Serve up a bloody martini or small “bites” to satisfy hunger. Anything is possible! Don’t let your age impact your ability to fantasize.

Black and White

Speaking of color themes, why not go with the ever-popular black and white party? This is another upscale theme that begs for a beautiful, shimmering ball gown and crisp black suit or tuxedo. What’s classier than black and white? Make sure to decorate your Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venue in the dedicated colors, with them spilling into flower arrangements, tablecloths and any food and drink possible. Consider having a photo booth that has a black and white option for fun! Add black and white props to liven up the photo sessions.


Do you have a favorite film? Maybe you’re a Star Wars fanatic? Considering throwing a cinematic bash at your Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venue fit for the big screen. If you’re going with a specific movie, invite guests to dress up as their favorite characters. Who knows how many Yodas you’ll have walking around! Or, if you’re just a cinephile in general, consider a Hollywood themed birthday party. Serve popcorn and roll out the red carpet for photos!

Whatever theme you choose, Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venues are ready to host! Contact your pick today to get the planning underway.


How to Plan the Perfect Bucks County Bridal Shower
Posted on FEBRUARY 13, 2016

You’ve been asked to support your best friend on one of the most important days of her life. Now what? Planning the perfect bridal shower! You’ll want to start investigating Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues right away as dates can be snatched up quickly. Once you have a venue, the fun part really begins. Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect bridal shower for your girl.

Pick a Theme

Before you get overwhelmed with details, pick a theme for your Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venue. This theme will dictate décor, refreshments, activities, and overall feel. Going into bridal event planning without a theme will not turn out well. You’ll end up with a closet of cute things that don’t make sense when put together!

Make the Guest List

Creating a guest list an important part of the planning process. The number of people you can invite to a bridal shower really depends on the budget you’re working with. Once you’ve selected your Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venue, you’ll have an idea of capacity and how much it’ll cost to throw the event. Pare down the guest list if you first start with too many mouths to feed. Bridal showers shouldn’t be as big as the wedding and not every lady the bride knows necessarily needs an invite. Be sure to extend invites to out-of-town guests who will more than likely not make the shower. That way, they’ll feel included and might even be gracious enough to send a gift!

Create a Schedule of the Event

What’s worse than a long, drawn-out event? Nothing. Make sure to create a schedule of the day during the planning process. A satisfactory bridal shower runs about four hours – anything longer and people will start to get tired of the revelry. Schedules also depend on Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues – did you purchase a specific slot? Is there another event happening after or before yours? Be aware of what you signed up for. Leave enough time to set up, welcome guests, eat, play a game or two, and have the bride open gifts. Anything beyond that is overkill.

Don’t Forget to Say ‘Thanks’

Guests love to feel appreciated, especially if they’re being generous with time and money to attend your event. Plan cute and useful favors for guests. You don’t have to buy everyone a Tiffany keychain, but even the littlest gift goes a long way. In addition, make sure the bride feels comfortable opening gifts in front of others and thanking them. If she’s introverted, you’ll need to plan a different way to address this so that guests don’t feel like they missed out on the excitement of unwrapping.

Good Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues will also have lots of great tips to offer during planning. Take the advice – especially if it’s your first time planning such a special event. And, remember, have fun!



Greenery on Trend for Bucks County PA Wedding Locations
Posted on FEBRUARY 3, 2017

Planning a wedding for 2017? You have your Bucks County, PA, wedding location picked but have you thought about what kind flowers you’ll have? The hot wedding trend for 2017 seems to be no flowers at all. Simple greenery is gaining popularity in lieu of grand and expensive floral arrangements. Here are some of the best ways to use foliage at your wedding.


Branches and Stems

No matter what time of year you’re getting married, you can incorporate branches and stems into décor at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location. The easiest place to use branches, whether leafed or bare, in your décor is the centerpiece. Find a simple container and fill it with weighted filler in the form of stones or glass pebbles then add branches and voile – an elegant and evergreen focal point. Another way to add branches to your wedding is to create an arch to be used during your ceremony. Of course, this requires a little more knowhow and some ingenuity but the result can be beautiful! This branch wedding arch cuts some corners and less wood for an easier DIY.


You can use vines in a variety of ways at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location. Instead of having flowers added to the tiers of a simple wedding cake, add tiny vines that wrap around each tier. Consider using vines to decorate guest chairs for the ceremony. The vines can act as a velvet rope to reserve special seats for family members or to just add a little elegance to the area. Or you can use vines to wrap around guest chairs along the aisle for definition. If you have your reception area set up with long dinner tables that seat several, you could use a large, long vine as a dual-purpose table runner and centerpiece. Add a glass and gold lantern in the middle for a delicate touch.


Tiny Greens

Instead of dropping lots of cash on boutonnieres, make your own with tiny leaves. Select a few springs of greenery and follow any number of DIY tutorials for boutonnieres. You can even add non-organic materials to the arrangements to incorporate your theme or Bucks County, PA, wedding location décor. Another way to use tiny greenery is in favors for your guests. Succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for, which make them great gifts! These are some adorable ideas for DIY succulent wedding favors.

No matter how you opt to use greenery at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location, you’ll be on trend for 2017. So, get the creativity flowing and get planning!



Winter Baby & Bridal Showers
Posted on JANUARY 13, 2015

Winter can be a wonderful time to celebrate an impending addition or union. Despite not having the luxury of an outdoor space, Lansdale baby and bridal shower venues can provide a warm and welcoming spot for to mark a joyous occasion. Hosting a winter celebration lends itself to some built-in themes, but sticking to them is entirely up to you! Here are some fun ideas for your winter baby or bridal shower.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Gathering to shower a mom-to-be in during the winter months can be a challenge considering all the holiday celebrations during this time of year. The first goal is to make sure the celebration is separate from other holidays and made unique for the mom-to-be. This doesn’t mean you can’t use elements naturally available to you during winter.

Décor and Treats
Many people are moving away from having a gender-specific shower. The benefit of a winter celebration is that you can stick to a neutral color palette with ease. Select whites, silvers, and golds to use throughout your Lansdale baby shower venue. If you do prefer to add elements of gender-specific colors, use light pastels incorporated into your whites.

Winter is also the perfect time to use glitter! The ground itself is shimmering, so why shouldn’t your celebration reflect that? Add some bling to centerpieces by outfitting candle holders with several shades of glitter or wrapping them in glitter tape. Choose balloons with metallic confetti inside to provide an adorable touch for the lady “about to pop!”

When it comes to favors, offer something usable that people won’t just toss in a corner. Work with a local bakery to come up with adorable, personalized cookies for guests to enjoy. Incorporate your colors with edible pearls and glitters to make the treats special. Have them individually wrapped and add a thank you tag for a sweet touch.

Winter Bridal Bliss

Any time is a great time to celebrate a bride-to-be, but winter is a particularly magical time to host celebrations at Lansdale bridal shower venues. The whimsy of winter holidays is in the air, and people are in a generous and celebratory mood. Use the aura of the season to your advantage with some simple décor and entertaining tips.

Evergreen is Easy
It can be difficult and expensive to find a wide range of in-season flowers during winter months. No problem! Select décor based on its seasonal value. Using pine and evergreen decorations brings the outdoors into your bridal shower with the bonus of a pleasing fragrance. You can continue with the outdoorsy theme by wrapping bare branches in fairy lights and weaving pine boughs around them. Add some simple votive candles or tealights and you’ve got magical and season-appropriate table décor.

Warm Up
Keep your guests warm with fun treats that you can only get away with offering when it’s cold outside. A hot chocolate bar is the perfect addition to a winter bridal shower. Provide different flavors of hot chocolate, various sizes of marshmallows and unique add-ins like cinnamon, peppermint bark, and flavored syrups. In addition, feel free to set up s’mores stations. People typically associate s’mores with warmer months, but they can be a refreshing and cozy addition to your winter celebration. If you’re hosting a bridal shower with alcohol, offer a signature cocktail made with warm mulled cider and rum to warm guests to their bones.

Hosting celebrations at Lansdale baby and bridal shower venues during the winter can be incredibly rewarding. Your hard work will pay off by providing moms-to-be and future brides with a lifetime of beautiful memories. Remember to take advantage of the season in every aspect of your celebration!

DIY Ideas for Your Table Décor
Posted on january 3, 2017

One of the main focal points at Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations, is what you decide to do with table décor at your reception. Everyone will have time to appreciate the thought you’ve put into your centerpieces while they’re enjoying the delicious dinners you’ve selected. But you aren’t chained to typical options like plain floral arrangements. With just a little bit of creativity and online help, you can create unique and beautiful centerpieces to go with your overall theme.

Beyond Blooms

Maybe your budget doesn’t accommodate grand floral arrangements on every table. Don’t worry! With a little ingenuity, you can create centerpieces for Montgomery County wedding locations just as captivating as fresh flowers. If you’re getting married in the colder months, using bare branches wrapped in fairy lights placed in tall, clear containers offers a whimsical and warm focal point for each guest table. Add stones and pebbles to the bottom of the containers for a naturally beautiful weight. Another option that doesn’t involved spending cash on a florist would be to collect different sizes of ornate lanterns to arrange in the center of guest tables. For convenience, you can purchase batter operated tealights to use in the lanterns without worrying about them burning out during the reception.

Little Lights

Using candles in centerpieces automatically adds a sense of whimsy to Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations. There are endless ways to incorporate candles into your table décor on a budget. Take a trip to the local dollar store and find glass containers of varying sizes. You can decorate the containers to fit your overall theme and fill them with various levels of water. Find some floating votive candles and arrange the containers on tables for an interesting display. Another way to use candles in centerpieces is to use taper candles. Though a bit more delicate, they can add a very elegant vibe to your reception. Again, using holders of different shapes, styles, and heights will give guests something to examine during their time at your tables. Have fun with it!

Flowers with Flair

If you have a small budget for floral arrangements but can’t rely on bouquets to be the main attraction in your centerpiece, you can easily add additional elements to complete your table décor. Scour the dollar store for containers that you can transform into beautiful centerpieces. A little spray paint goes a long way! If you have a specific theme for your wedding, such as literary, use things like old books to add height and charm to your centerpieces. More of a natural theme? Add slices of wood under your quaint bouquets. Don’t forget, incorporating table numbers into your centerpieces can add another layer and take up space on larger tables.

There are limitless options when it comes to creating beautiful centerpieces for Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations. And whether you have a big budget for the florist or just a few bucks available, you can be sure your special day will be a beautiful lifetime memory.


Unique Décor Ideas for Bucks County PA Wedding Halls
Posted on DECEMBER 16, 2016

Making your wedding stand out from the crowd can be as simple as paying close attention to the details. Bucks County, PA, wedding halls are full of run-of-the-mill celebrations, but yours doesn’t have to be so average. By putting a little extra creativity and effort into things like favors, décor, and the overall experience, you can be sure your guests will remember your wedding forever.

Remember the Guests

When it comes to weddings, things can get repetitive. Involving and acknowledging your guests in several aspects of the celebration is a surefire way to have a memorable wedding. Try offering a DIY flower station – guests can make their own boutonnieres and corsages. Not only will guests feel extra special, it’ll class up your entire wedding with the added decorative creations.

You’ve spent so much time meticulously planning where all your guests will sit during the reception. Do you have some odd combinations? Don’t fret. Make a display to use as a seating direction that tells guests how they know each other – or if they don’t, how they know you and your spouse! Call it a seating family tree of sorts.

Reception Interaction

Guests need more than food and booze at Bucks County, PA, wedding halls. If you really want your reception to stand out, throw in some interactivity. One wedding tradition is that when guests tap their glasses with silverware, the bride and groom are supposed to share a kiss. If that’s not your style, challenge your guests to a sing-off instead! As opposed to clinking glasses, ask them to have their table stand up and belt out a few lines of a song that contains the word “love.” As a reward, you and your sweetheart will share a kiss. Another option is to make bingo boards that have clues about selected guests on them. If all the clues are guessed correctly in bingo formation, that guest gets a prize!

Functional Favors

Nothing is worse than yet another trinket that you can’t use or don’t want. Save your guests the clutter by offering a truly usable favor. Having a more natural wedding? Offer your wedding guests mini soaps wrapped in custom paper noting your names and wedding date. Is your affair as sweet as can be? Order small jars of honey and affix labels that express your gratitude. Guests will be able to use these items instead of stashing them away in a draw to never be seen again.

Of all the Bucks County, PA, wedding halls, ours is sure to serve your unique vision. We’re happy to help you plan a wedding that will never be forgotten down to the tiniest detail. Let us plan it, while you relax and celebrate!


Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding
Posted on DECEMBER 9, 2016

Winter weddings can be some of the most magical celebrations of the season. There are endless options to creating a warm, love-filled Montgomery County, PA, wedding venue for your winter nuptials. As a bonus, many venues offer discounted pricing for the winter months as they are less popular than warmer options. But how could something so whimsical be less popular? These beautiful ideas will make your winter wedding an extravaganza to remember.

Warm and Toasty

Think about adding elements that offer a warm feeling to your Montgomery County, PA, wedding venue. Cold weather goes hand-in-hand with hot chocolate. Have a hot chocolate bar set up so that guests can customize their own cup with different flavors and additions. Provide heart-shaped marshmallows to add a little bit of love to every cup. In addition to a tasty cup of chocolate, consider offering guests a s’mores station for another sweet treat. Not only will the station provide delicious treats, it will offer an overall warm feeling with the open flame.

Natural Elements

A great way to connect winter wedding to the outdoors is to bring natural elements inside your Montgomery County, PA, wedding venue. Using wintery décor involving bare tree limbs, pinecones, and cold-weather flowers will provide a beautiful natural vibe despite not having an outdoor event. In addition to décor, you can incorporate natural elements into boutonnieres and bouquets. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, make your own boutonnieres using pine cones, winter flowers, and glitter. Pine cones can come in handy for several different wedding elements – use them in centerpieces, décor, or to hold place cards.

Sparkle and Shine

If you’re lucky enough to get a winter wonderland full of snow (but safe travels) on your wedding day, play up the sparkle with a sea of lights. With the shorter days of winter, you’ll have ample opportunity to light up your wedding venue with candles or strings of clear holiday lights. Use fairy lights in centerpieces to illuminate every table. Or keep it simple with hundreds white votive candles in different containers of different shapes and sizes on guest tables and throughout displays in the venue.

No matter what way you decide to celebrate your winter wedding, we’re here to help. Our Montgomery County, PA, wedding venue is the best place to host your magical winter wedding.



Ideas for Your Retirement Party at
Our Lansdale PA Event Space

Posted on december 2, 2016

Congratulations! You’re at the end of your illustrious career. It’s time to celebrate! What better venue to mark your retirement than at our Lansdale PA event space? Retirement parties these days have endless options for décor, games, and displays. And, let’s be honest, aside from the celebration, planning is the fun part! Here are some suggestions guaranteed to make your event a hit.

Memorable DEcor

Décor can really make any party memorable. For a retirement party, consider sticking to a décor theme related to your career. Did you work in news? Create faux newspapers to use as place mats announcing your retirement and include a little story detailing your career. Retiring from the medical field? Create fake case studies to let guests peruse. Or, instead of featuring your career, go to the opposite end and center décor around what you hope to accomplish in retirement. Travel themed décor is easy to find and create with a little DIY initiative and old maps, which will complement our Lansdale, PA, event space perfectly!\

Games and Guestbooks
Speaking of what you’ll do in retirement, create some interesting games for guests to play during your celebration. Many typical party games can be re-purposed for a retirement celebration. Create some retirement bingo cards and cater them to terms central to your career. For a new twist on a guestbook, have guests create a bucket list for you! Place a decorated container on an entry table with pieces of paper and instructions for guests to come up with an adventure for you to take during your retirement. In line with the travel theme, you could also get a globe for guests to sign on the spots they suggest you travel to with your newfound time. The possibilities are endless at our Lansdale, PA, event space.

Memories Galore

There’s no doubt you’ll have decades of memories to showcase at your Lansdale, PA, event space. After years of meaningful career relationships, you’ll want to highlight the most loved in a special way. Photo displays are easy to assemble and can be transported at will. Pick some of your most favorite memories over the years and arrange them on a poster board. Or, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, use a room divider to showcase all your photos. Do you have work-related memorabilia you’d like to display as well? Incorporate your knickknacks into centerpieces for each table so that guests can get up close and person with them. However, be sure to note that the centerpieces are not to be taken at the end of the event.

A retirement is the perfect time to bring your friends and loved ones together for a proper celebration. Our Lansdale, PA, event space caters to groups large and small and can help you plan the perfect party. Let us plan it, while you relax and celebrate!


Which Bucks County PA Wedding Location is for You?
Posted on november 18, 2016

You have a ring on your finger and a date picked out, but do you know which Bucks County, PA, wedding location is right for your special day? Picking a location can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding. There are so many things to consider from capacity to ambiance to the ideal setting the time of year you’ve selected. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a venue.


The number of people your Bucks County, PA, wedding location can accommodate is one of the most important things to consider. Do you have a big family? Settle on a number of guests you and your fiancée are comfortable with inviting and look for a venue that can hold that number. Keep in mind, you can expect about 30% of those you invite to decline, but be prepared for every person that receives an invitation to show up. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that if you have a higher drop off rate that the space you’ve selected doesn’t look too empty. Talk about a backup plan with your wedding coordinator in case you need to fill some space at your venue.


Have a budget in mind before searching for a Bucks County, PA, wedding location. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue to find out that it is way out of your price range. After you select the amount you can spend on a venue, start your research on those within your budget. Be sure to consider any discounts venues offer for off-season weddings or events on less popular days of the week.

Date and Time of Year

Maybe you’re tied to a date and are not willing to move it. That’s fine, as long as you can find a Bucks County, PA, wedding location that’s available. Keep in mind that dates book up fast! If you’re planning on getting married within the year, your choices may be much more limited that if the wedding is further out. Additionally, the summer months are the most popular for weddings. If you have a specific year you’d like to get married in, consider an off-season wedding to ensure you can find a location suited to your needs. If you’ve always envisioned an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to be flexible with location as the time of year is more limited.


The Best Bridal Shower Locations for Your Theme
Posted on november 11, 2016

Planning anything wedding related can be incredibly exciting, but occasionally terrible overwhelming. One thing to keep in mind of where to start is picking a theme. Beyond that, picking one of several Bucks County PA bridal shower locations to go along with that theme. Not to worry! Check out these brilliant bridal shower themes to honor the bride on her special day.

Gilded Glam

Planning anything wedding related can be incredibly exciting, but occasionally terrible overwhelming. One thing to keep in mind of where to start is picking a theme. Beyond that, picking one of several Bucks County PA bridal shower locations to go along with that theme. Not to worry! Check out these brilliant bridal shower themes to honor the bride on her special day.

Full Celebration

Looking for an all-out celebration? Go full party mode for her special day! Either buy or create your own dramatic balloon arch featuring a specific color palette or all the colors in the rainbow. In addition to balloons in an arch, consider creating centerpieces with confetti-filled balloons. The confetti will stay contained, hopefully, but still present a celebratory feeling throughout the party. For favors, get crafty and create chocolate-dipped and sprinkled cookies on a stick! You can individually package them and tie colorful ribbon around as a closure. As this theme is versatile, you could select one of several different Bucks County PA bridal shower locations. Depending on the time of year, an outdoor event under a tent or bring it inside. Whatever works!

Floral Affair (rose napkin rings, seed favors, paper flower décor, extravagant centerpieces)

Maybe a more traditional theme reflects your bride’s style. That’s great, too! Try a twist on a typical theme by going for a floral-centered affair. Create unique and beautiful napkin rings out of fresh roses, with extravagantly designed floral centerpieces to accompany the look. Don’t have a large budget to drop on flowers? No problem. Get crafty and create a room full of paper flowers. Paper flowers can be used as centerpieces, general room décor, or even favors. You can select exactly the colors and style of flower you like when you’re making them from scratch! Another cute favor idea for a floral shower is tiny packages of wildflower seeds. Make sure to note the date of the shower and the bride’s name on the packaging.

Whatever the theme, one of our Bucks County PA bridal shower locations is sure to be a perfect fit. We’ll help you honor your bride on her special day and beyond!


Off-beat Celebrations in Montgomery County, PA
Posted on November 2, 2016

Normal can be boring. And who wants a run-of-the-mill wedding event? There are endless ways to create a memorably unique experience at one of our Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues. From wizardly wonders to antique affairs, your bridal shower should be an individualized expression of your uncommon love. Here are some beautiful ideas for your off-beat celebration:

Magic in the Air
Do you love everything wizardly and bewitching? Make your event magical at one of our Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues. You can easily add whimsical touches to decorations and favors without sacrificing class. Feel free to feature a “potion” punch with a fanciful name to reflect you and your true love. For favors, consider something sweet to eat showcased in a decorative glass container. Instead of typical bridal shower games, opt for a make-your-own wand station with all the accoutrements fit for the most decorated wizard. Abracadabra!

Vintage Vibes
Sometimes nothing is quite as spectacular as a storied history. Vintage-inspired celebrations paired with Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues make for the perfect marriage of beauty and history – especially on our sweeping grounds. Scour antique stores and thrift shops for unique items to incorporate into décor at your classic bridal shower. Vintage tea cups made into candles can make great favors, while games about old Hollywood couples will fill the room with a lovely nostalgia.

Comic Couture
Superheroes and villains aren’t just for the pages of your favorite comic. Incorporate elements of adventure into your event at one of our Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues. Have your guests craft a short story featuring you and your spouse-to-be through a comic-themed mad lib. Get graphic with brightly-colored favor bags featuring your favorite superhero. Outfit the day with a soundtrack befitting the best summer blockbuster. The possibilities are plenty when it comes to saving the world and throwing a memorable bridal shower.

No matter what your theme, one of our Bucks County, PA, bridal shower venues will fit your need. From our lush grounds to our expansive indoor spaces – we’ve got you covered!



A Country Wedding in the Perfect
Bucks County PA Wedding Hall

Posted on October 25, 2016

Country weddings are exactly what you envision. From the smell of the freshly-mowed grass, wood, hay and the string lights hanging from every branch or rafter to the Mason jar candles and fresh flowers on the tables, it’s the perfect theme for your big day. Finding the perfect venue is key. What could be better than a rustic celebration at our Bucks County PA wedding hall?

Check out some of these great ideas to make your day even more special:

Burlap is a staple at any country wedding. Use it for everything from utensil holders to decorations. A burlap banner with your initials can accent your Bucks County PA wedding hall. Adding a little lace to burlap creates a more sophisticated look. You can also make burlap boutonnieres and even burlap flowers for bouquets.

Get inspired by nature and use wood accents like tree slices as pedestals for your center pieces or place cards for your guests. You can also use tree slices branded with your wedding date and time and attach them like tags to your favors.


Mason jar centerpieces are the perfect touch to any Bucks County PA wedding hall. Tie pieces of straw around the top into a bow, fill with water, and add a tea light candle for a quick and easy centerpiece. Want to use flowers instead? Tie ribbons in your wedding colors around the tops of mason jars and add your favorite flowers and baby's breath to make your floral arrangement fuller.

Give your guests something sweet to remember your special day by. Instead of the traditional candy, give your guests mini jams or honey in tiny jars affixed with a sticker highlighting your initials and wedding date. You can also give your guests s'more love by handing out little s'mores packages complete with enough ingredients for two.

The goal of any country wedding is to make it all seem effortless. As one of the premiere Bucks County PA wedding halls, PineCrest Country Club is dedicated to making all your wedding dreams become reality.



Coming of Age: Themes Abound at Our
Bucks County Sweet 16 Venue

Posted on October 19, 2016

Your baby girl has grown into a wonderful young adult and it is time for a sweet 16 event. What better place to celebrate than at a stunning Bucks County Sweet 16 venue fit to accommodate any party? Planning your teen’s sweet 16 party can be daunting. Will she think it’s cool? Can all her friends make it? Not to fret, here are some excellent theme ideas to spark your imagination.

Neon Party

What makes a neon party fun? Loud music, blacklight, glow sticks, and glow in the dark face and body paint. Encourage your party guests to wear white or neon t-shirts and watch things start to glow under the blacklight. Use highlighters to write messages or draw all over each other’s white shirts. Yellow, green, orange, and pink highlighters give the best glowing results. Have a face-painting contest using glow-in-the-dark paint, with a prize for the winner. Use tonic water as the base for your party drinks - the quinine in tonic makes it glow bright blue under blacklight!

Broadway Party

Does your daughter love a particular Broadway show? Or just Broadway musicals in general? Give her a Sweet 16 worthy of the Great White Way. Put a marquee announcing the party outside your Bucks County Sweet 16 venue. Design invitations that look like a Playbill. Add New York City subway and street signs as decorations within the party room. If your teen has a favorite show, theme the menu around it. You could serve a green elixir drink for a teen who loves Wicked, or chocolate spoons-full-of-sugar for a Mary Poppins fan. Does your girl like Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street? Add some “bloody” (white chocolate dyed red) drizzle, and a peppermint stick barber pole to the birthday cake!

Murder Mystery Party

If your child is a fan of suspense with a flair for drama, a murder mystery themed party might be just right. You can hire a team of actors to produce the mystery. It’s their job to get your party guests to interact and solve the crime. Many companies of actors will have pre-designed, if not scripted, mysteries to offer. Depending on your choice of story, there’s also the opportunity to turn this into a costume party at your Bucks County Sweet 16 venue. The actors can also provide all the information guests need for the roles they’ll play in the story. Your decorations and party menu can be set to match the story for a thrilling event.

These themes are just some of the options for any Sweet 16 event. Your daughters will love having the convenience of a Bucks County Sweet 16 venue equipped with everything needed to ensure a memorable celebration. Come visit us, talk to our staff, and learn what kind of wonderful party we can create for your family!

Ideas for Your Next Birthday Party
Posted on September 22, 2016

As we get older, birthday parties can become stale and even forgotten. But the thing we forget is, each new year is a gift - and we should be celebrating! PineCrest Country Club has the perfect Bucks County, PA, birthday party places. Here are some great ways to celebrate your next birthday with us.

Embrace the Golf Theme

If you love golf, PineCrest is one of the best Bucks County, PA, birthday party places to celebrate your special day! Our Country Club has an 18-hole course that is expertly maintained and perfect for you and your friends to enjoy. After a full day on the golf course, celebrate at our “19th hole” The Sports Bar and Grill with your family and friends. It seats 30 people at the bar, and 60 people altogether.

Go Fancy

If you’ve ever wished you could wear a princess dress like you did to your fifth birthday party, why not do it for your 35th? You’re an adult now - you can make those choices! Throw yourself a ball in our ballroom, one of the most magical Bucks County, PA, birthday party places around! Whether you want actual ball gowns or more of a red carpet affair, ask everyone to dress up to the nines. Make the decorations gold or silver accented and provide champagne for your guests to toast to your good health.


It’s ok to be silly as an adult! Choose a theme that makes you happy - whether it’s Doctor Who or the O.K. Corral, we at PineCrest would be happy to accommodate your whimsical decorations at one of the best Bucks County, PA, birthday party places in the area and work with you on choosing catering that fits your theme! The goal is that you enjoy your birthday party. The best gift you can get is one more year, and that is worth celebrating in a way that makes you smile!

No matter what theme you choose, whether it’s in the morning, evening, or all day- we at PineCrest Country Club want to help you have the best birthday party possible.

A Whimsical Wedding in Montgomery, PA
Posted on September 12, 2016

The holidays present a perfect opportunity to enjoy whimsy and fun themes at Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations. Whether it’s a masquerade ball at Halloween, or a winter wonderland at Christmas, PineCrest Country Club is happy to help you create the whimsical world of your dreams!


Halloween is the most fanciful holiday of the year and the month of October is perfect for celebrating at Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations in an unusual style. Hold a masquerade ball and ask all your guests to come in fancy costumes - perhaps citing The Phantom of the Opera as an example to emulate. You could also throw a Nightmare Before Christmas bash for your reception, and make the theme all about Jack and Sally and true love. PineCrest Country Club can help you choose exactly which of our Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations would be perfect for your special spooky night!


Let us help you recreate Santa’s Workshop with a Mr. and Mrs. Claus theme, or design a lovely winter wonderland theme inside our ballroom. Stay warm during our chilly Pennsylvania winter while celebrating your love in whimsical holiday style! Serve wassail and give the room a magical feeling with icicles and holly to really set the mood. Our catering team can help you choose a holiday dinner fit for King Wenceslas to keep your guests full and happy and in the holiday spirit at any of our Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations.

Whimsical Wear

Dip-dyed dresses are all the rage this season with ombre blues and rainbow hues you’re sure to wow your guests with a beautiful artistic and personalized gown. Matching the groom and groomsmen’s vests to the dress adds a wonderful touch that really brings the whole look together. If your dress is blue ombre, have the groom wear the darkest blue vest, and each of his groomsmen wear a lighter vest and the ring bearer wear the lightest blue vest! The same could be done for bridesmaid dresses, and the flower girl’s dress could match the bride’s. This also makes for lovely getting-ready photos in our bride’s suit before the wedding. Expressing yourself is in, and plain white is out at our Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations!

Enjoy yourself and choose themes and color schemes that make you happy on your wedding day. PineCrest Country Club is excited to help you make that happen. We believe a wedding is all about the happy couple and we are here to ensure you get the beautiful day you imagined at our Montgomery County, PA, wedding locations.

Plan the Perfect Wedding Anniversary Party at our Lansdale, PA Event Space
Posted on AUGUST 29, 2016

As the years roll by, it’s good to recognize the milestones and to remind us how far we have come. This is especially true for wedding anniversaries! Come together with your family at our Lansdale, PA event space to celebrate your or a loved one’s marriage in style. Here are some great ways to plan the perfect anniversary party.

  • Send the invites out early! The earlier you plan the party, the more people will be able to arrive, especially from out of state.
  • Include the wedding date, and what anniversary it is. This can play a role in what cards and gifts people choose.
  • Make sure the party matches the couple. Whether they enjoy exciting and fun events, or low-key elegant events make sure the event reflects them.
  • Match the décor to the couple’s original wedding.
  • Provide lots of pictures of the couple through the years for guests to look at, and display photos of the original wedding!
  • Order a replica of their cake!
  • A video tribute with a playlist from the year they were married, or their wedding song will catch everyone’s attention and there won’t be a dry eye in the ballroom!

Whatever you do, make sure you make PineCrest Country Club the venue for you or your loved one’s wedding anniversary celebration! We have everything you need for a great party at our Lansdale, PA event space.

Your Authentic Indian Wedding at
Our Montgomery County Venue

Posted on August 8, 2016

All large weddings require dedicated planning and attention to details, but authentic Indian weddings require more work than most. We, at PineCrest, are prepared to help you with that. Working with your South Asian wedding specialist, we will ensure that every detail pays homage to your culture in our Montgomery County venue.

We have a grand entrance that is large, elegant and perfect for your Baraat. We have venues that are ideal for your cocktail reception, complete with gazebo and expertly manicured gardens. From your Sangeet to your Saptapadi, and all the way to your final Kanya Vidai we will be there for you.

Our professional South Asian and Indian wedding experts are knowledgeable in the varied and colorful traditions of South Asian culture, allowing them to provide the utmost attention and respect to every facet of your wedding day.

Let your dining experience be a true celebration of the joining together of families as our chef and catering staff work to bring your dream together. The food will be exactly what you request, and we will accommodate all family preferences and cultural traditions. We even allow special requests.

We want this celebration to be everything you and your family have ever dreamed. Let PineCrest Country Club, your Montgomery County Indian wedding venue, make that happen for you today!


Celebrate Summer in One of Our MontCo PA Party Rooms
Posted on July 18, 2016

The summer is a great time to celebrate in MontCo, PA, and PineCrest Country Club wants to help you do just that. Whether it’s an award or promotion at work, celebrate with us by having a round of golf on our impeccable 18-hole course. There is nothing like spending a beautiful day out on our manicured golf course to treat yourself or a deserving friend or colleague!

Maybe you have a Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera, or Sweet 16 coming up? Our PineCrest Room offers 1,160 square feet of space in Montgomery County with a neutral color palette and overlooks the gorgeous golf course. If you’re looking for more room, our Ballroom provides 4,860 square feet, giving you plenty of space for all your friends and family, plus a dance floor! The Ballroom also overlooks the golf course through large windows on three sides of the room. It is ideal for weddings and large events.

If you’re looking for an outdoor venue in the Philadelphia area look no further than our deck and veranda! Our deck provides you with 1,984 square feet of redwood decking with white railings, and is versatile whether you need it for a ceremony or a cocktail party. If you’re looking to have a reception or a family reunion outside, our Veranda is truly impressive with 4,860 square feet of space. This relaxed outdoor setting is on the ground level and has lovely golf course views.

Perhaps you’re looking for something more relaxed and intimate? Have a bachelor party or going away gathering in our Sports Bar and Grill! After a day out on the course, relax at our “19th hole” that provides 30 seats at the bar and 60 seats in total.

No matter what your event is, you can prepare in The Suite- a VIP space that includes a sitting/conference area and luxury bathtub to change into your special dress, or just relax before your party.

PineCrest has a perfect venue in MontCo, PA, for every celebration in your life, so call today to book the venue that is right for you and your event!


The Ultimate Guide for Your Summer Wedding Reception in Lansdale PA
Posted on July 12, 2016

Have the best wedding reception in Lansdale PA this summer with our ultimate summer wedding reception guide! Here are seven tips that will help you throw the best summer bash to celebrate your marriage and have everyone talking.

Indoor Reception

Late summer can get hot, sticky, and downright icky if you’re out in the heat too long. Even if you have your ceremony outside, consider moving the party indoors for the reception. This will keep flies out of drinks and food, and mosquitos and sun off the guests! For that outdoor feel, PineCrest’s premier ballroom features large windows on three sides of the room that look out over the expertly manicured golf course and grounds.

Cool Off

Though your wedding gown is undoubtedly elegant and breath taking, once the ceremony is over plan to change into something more comfortable and cool, and easy to move around in. PineCrest has a suite just for you to change in! Consider a white cotton summer dress to party the night away in.

Classic Summer Foods

Choose classic summer favorites like hamburger sliders, BBQ, and grilled veggies to feed your guests. These are foods that your guests will enjoy, and they will really infuse the summer theme into every smell and taste!

Keep it Tropical

Tropical drinks will put everyone in a fun mood - even if they aren’t alcoholic! Think bright colors and fruit flavors to keep everyone cool and in the mood to celebrate.

Frozen Treats

Of course the wedding cake is the main dessert, but what’s a cake without ice cream? Have an ice cream bar where guests can choose their favorite flavor and toppings to keep them cool.

Flip-Flop Favors

Offer a bucket of flip-flops in your wedding colors at the door. You can even have your wedding date printed on the bottom! Your guests’ feet will get tired from their nice shoes, but the party can keep on dancing with this comfy alternative that they get to keep!


Instead of throwing rice when the bride and groom leave, provide your guests with bubbles! This is a much lighter way to send you off to your honeymoon, and it will make for gorgeous pictures!

Whatever you choose to do, PineCrest Country Club hopes to help you have the best summer wedding reception in Lansdale PA possible!


Host a Special Memorial Luncheon at PineCrest
Posted on June 28, 2016

If you want to hold a memorial in Montgomery County, PA, PineCrest Country Club, in Lansdale, PA, is here for you.

  • We have catering on-site to ensure you have a meal with your family, friends, and colleagues that is filled with delicious comfort food and love. Our staff is talented, courteous, and willing to work with you, no matter your preferences.
  • Our venues are comfortable and private.
  • We will provide a comforting and no-stress atmosphere during your time of grieving.

When someone we love has passed away, it's a good time to celebrate their life. In one of our elegant rooms, or out on the veranda, you can sit with other loved ones and reminisce about good times. Some great ways you can commemorate a loved one during a memorial luncheon are:

  • Create a slideshow of photographs that show your loved one living their life to the fullest.
  • A memorial table displaying their photos and accomplishment

PineCrest Country Club, conveniently located in Lansdale, PA, is a lovely place to host a memorial luncheon. We would be honored to help you make it a dignified and cathartic experience.


Baby Shower Ideas for Moms-to-be in the Philadelphia Suburbs
Posted on June 22, 2016

In the Philadelphia suburbs, baby showers are exciting occasions for friends and family, but they can also be a little stressful for the person throwing the shower. Let us help you de-stress with a handful of ideas that will make this shower run smoothly.

1. Choose an Indoor Venue

I know it’s tempting to choose an outdoor venue because of the beautiful scenery but a pregnant woman won’t be comfortable in the summer heat. Choose a place that will let you alter the temperature of the venue to keep the mother-to-be comfortable. PineCrest Country Club is one of Lansdale’s best baby and bridal shower venues and has several areas for you to choose from for your party.

2. A Comfortable Place to Sit

Once again, keep the comfort of the mother in mind. Ask her if she would prefer a chair with a footstool, or an exercise ball to sit on, and then have it available at the shower. Some pregnant women are very mobile, while others can be wheelchair bound, so keep this in mind, too.

3. A Summer Theme

Summer lends you many ideas for decor, whether beach, camping, or picnic themed, you can’t go wrong. Our personal favorite is a pop theme with whimsical soda pop flavors, gourmet popsicles, and little place cards that say, "She’s about to pop!"

4. Fresh

Summer also creates the perfect opportunity to get everything fresh - from the flowers for decoration to the fruits to eat. Contact your local Lansdale farmers market and they can help you choose what’s in season!

5. Be Prepared

Make a list of everything you might need, and have it all prepared to go a few days before the shower. Adhesive strips for decorations and a cake cutter are just two of the things people often forget!

Need an Event Space for Your Next Lansdale Event?
PineCrest has You Covered!

Posted on May 25, 2016

Do you have an event coming up and you find yourself worrying over where to hold it? Well worry no more! PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA is the perfect place to hold any kind of event. Whether it’s a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, or a corporate retreat we can accommodate whatever you need.

PineCrest Country Club has four venues to choose from, not including the Suite, Sport’s Bar, and the expertly manicured Golf Course. The PineCrest Room, Ballroom, Veranda, and Deck are versatile settings that can be transformed for your big event. Your guest of honor can be set up in the suite to prepare for the occasion, and whether it’s the executives of your company or the bridal party, you can plan a tee time for before or after your event on our golf course.

PineCrest also has catering on site for your venue. We have specialized menus for weddings and corporate events for you to choose from that include a wide range of options and we are happy to work with you on food allergies and special dietary needs.

PineCrest Country Club has you covered when it comes to whatever your needs are. Call us now to start planning!


PineCrest is your perfect setting for your Spring Wedding
Posted on May 20, 2016

PineCrest Country Club is a beautiful Golf course and event venue in Lansdale, PA and it is the perfect place for you to have a spring wedding! Why?

Picture Perfect
When you think spring, you think greenery and beautiful blooming flowers and we can provide just that! Our expertly manicured and maintained lawns and gardens create a beautiful backdrop to your wedding photos. Whether on the golf course itself, on the deck, or out on the veranda you’ll be sure to have picturesque surroundings. Inside, everything from our foyer to the bridal suite is stylishly decorated to maintain an elegant feel throughout the property and compliment your special day.

PineCrest provides a wide range of choices for your wedding day to ensure that you get exactly what you want. We have multiple venues for you to choose from, and you can decide whether your wedding and reception are in the same room or not. Whether you’re having an Indian wedding, a non-traditional wedding, or a simple ceremony and reception we have several different catering menus for you to choose from or you can bring in your own caterer. Whatever your needs, our staff is there to help you.

On-Site Bridal Suite
Something you won’t find at most venues, we provide a bridal suite for the bride to enjoy as she prepares for the wonderful day! It includes a sitting area and a large bathtub and a tranquil atmosphere to relax and get ready in.

PineCrest Country Club is a scenic and classy venue that creates a lovely environment for a wedding and we hope you’ll choose us to assist you with your wedding day. Call now to book!

Tips for Hosting a Classy Graduation Party in
Montgomery, PA

Posted on April 29, 2016

Whether your daughter is graduating from high school, or your husband is graduating from Law School, a graduation is the perfect opportunity for a party! There are few times in life when you feel as swollen with pride for your loved one as the day they graduate after years of hard work. Show them how proud of them you are with these awesome tips for throwing a classy graduation party.

Pick a Color Scheme

The easiest way to do this is to choose their school colors or sorority/fraternity colors and make them the backdrop of your celebration. For a stylish and chic look and feel, you don’t want to choose a theme besides color and perhaps a fun saying. A graduation deserves a mature and classic theme that doesn’t take away the focus on the guest of honor.

Send out Invitations Early

The earlier you send out the invitations, the easier it will be for family and friends (especially those who are far away) to attend the special day or weekend. Let them know if you plan on having the party on a separate day from the ceremony.

Dress Code

Ask your guests to dress semi-formal or work-casual to keep the feel of the party more tasteful celebration and less backyard BBQ. This will make your guest of honor feel special and give your photos a professional and classy look!


Make it an All-day Event

Give your graduate the gift of a morning on our golf course or a day at the spa in preparation for their graduation and their graduation party. They will feel like a celebrity after a full day of pampering and fun!

Let PineCrest Country Club Host and Cater the Graduation Party

Let us help you, and relieve your stress, by hosting your party at PineCrest in Lansdale, PA. We can cater the food and desserts and make them to your specifications so that all allergy and food preference concerns are addressed and handled in house.

No matter how you plan your loved one’s graduation, we at PineCrest would love to help you with all your preferences and needs. We have several rooms to choose from, a 5 star catering service, and an immaculate golf course all at your service in Montgomery, PA.

The Best Lansdale Wedding Venue Deserves the Best Favors
Posted on April 25, 2016

Giving away party favors at your wedding is a fun tradition but can be frustrating if you’re not sure what to give. Many people go with traditional Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle or bubbles; however, if you want your wedding to stand out and your gift to be one that your guests keep to commemorate the day, then you’re going to want to get creative.

As a top wedding venue in Lansdale, PA, we have a few ideas for creative party favors:

First, think about your theme, and what the symbols of that theme could be. Then, consider what could be useful, or a cute decoration in your guest’s home. Conversation starters are always a good idea, though useful items are more likely to be kept, especially if you have some minimalists on your guest list. Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

A candle with matches

A small candle with matches is very useful, and every time they light the candle or simply need a match, your guests will think of your beautiful wedding day. You can integrate them into your wedding theme with sayings such as, “Help us light a fire,” or, “Our flame will burn forever.”

Silver Bells

Bells have always been a wedding symbol and could easily be added to any theme. Small silver bells could mark each person’s place at the tables by holding up the place cards, and the bells could be engraved with the wedding date. Any guest would love to have such a pretty party favor in their curio cabinet at home!


If you and your fiancé are artistic, like books, or writing, then this might be the party favor for you! Small notebooks with your names and wedding date on the front would be useful for your guests so they could write down memories of the day, or simply to have available whenever they need to take a note. Plus, each time they use it they will see the reminder of your beautiful day!


Wine Glasses

Have you considered wine glasses, whiskey glasses, or shot glasses with your names and wedding date engraved on them? This is a party favor that once again will fit with any theme, and your guests will always have a use for and will never throw away!

Golf Balls

If you have your wedding at PineCrest Country club, and you and your fiancé share a love of golf, have custom golf balls made for your guests! Consider inscribing, “The wedding was a hit!” or, “I had a ball at the wedding!” with your names and the date on the ball. This will be a fun gift that your guests will enjoy and maybe even use on our course!

Whatever party favor you choose, our event planners at Pinecrest, a top Lansdale wedding venue, can help you set up your lovely day and party favors so you and your guests will think fondly of your special day for years to come.

How to Have an Awesome Bar Mitzvah in Lansdale, PA
Posted on April 7, 2016

bar mitzah bar mitzah

Your Bar Mitzvah is one of the most special days in your life. It is the long awaited ceremony to become a man and it should be everything you want it to be. Celebrate in style with your friends and family with our four fun tips!

Pick a Theme

Whether your theme reflects your Bar Mitzvah project, or simply makes you feel like the star, pick a theme you love! A Hollywood theme creates a glamorous red carpet party that everyone will want to have a ticket-style invitation to, and you could decorate the walls with movie-style posters featuring your name. Maybe sports are more your thing, and a Super Bowl or March Madness style party fits you better. Whatever the theme, make sure it reflects what makes you happy!

Awesome Entertainment

Hire a DJ or local band to play your favorite music and get the party jumping. Compare the two and decide what would fit your party best. A local band can interact with the party and be a lot of fun, but a DJ can play a wider range of music and even take requests or set up Karaoke! Pine Crest Country club can accommodate either. Other popular ideas are a photo booth, the End Point Liquid Galaxy 3D Geographic Experience, a puzzle with a photo of you on it, or Arcade video games.

Creative Candles

Instead of plain white candles for your candle lighting ceremony, get candles that will wow your guests! Have colorful candles with designs or beautiful sayings on them for your candle lighting ceremony from companies such as The Painted Candle by Julie Schantz. If you’re concerned about candle flames, go high tech and have virtual candles on iPads or have battery powered safe flame candles. Or, you can go super low tech and plant some beautiful flowers, herbs, or trees that will forever remind you of the occasion.

Pick an Awesome Venue

This is the easiest task as you just have to pick Pine Crest Country Club. With beautiful landscaping outside, and classic and versatile décor inside, Pine Crest can fit all your Bar Mitzvah needs. We also cater and have multiple rooms and options for you to pick from.

However you decorate, and no matter what the décor looks like, it will be a beautiful celebration filled with love from your family and friends.

How to Throw an Elegant Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower in Montgomery County, PA
Posted on MARCH 17, 2016

There are so many things to do when planning a wedding that the choices can be overwhelming. When it comes to the bridal shower though, go with a classic, elegant afternoon tea party theme! If you think that sounds wonderful but don’t know where to start, let us help you!

Start with the Venue

You already know that Pine Crest Country Club is the perfect venue in Montgomery County, PA, for a classy afternoon tea. Traditional wisdom recommends booking at least six months out to ensure you get your preferred date and space. Choose your space by whether you want outside or inside, and whether your party will be large or small.

Then Focus on the Menu

Decide whether you want a more Southern style menu with iced sweet teas, tea cakes and cookies, and spring fresh fruits, or maybe something more British with scones, finger sandwiches, and crumpets. Maybe you even want a mixture of the two!

Garden DEcor

Decorating for a tea party is simple. The focus is on pastels and florals. Purchase bouquets from a local florist to give a fresh, relaxing touch to each table. Display foods on tiered trays and silver platters. White linen table cloths and white or pastel napkins set the perfect base for your table décor and display floral china nicely. For a whimsical touch, purchase a different tea cup for each guest that can serve as a conversation piece and also a party favor for your guest to take home!

Spring Couture

Last but not least, the dress code. Ask your guests to wear bright spring dresses and hats! See who can rival Kate Middleton with their hat style and maybe even have a contest. Have the bride stand out in a white tea length dress with maybe a touch of sparkle or color on her heels, and a hat with a small bird cage veil.

You’ll feel like royalty if you throw a bridal tea party fit for the queen at Pine Crest Country Club in Montgomery County, PA.

6 Unforgettable Party Ideas for Your Lansdale PA Sweet 16
Posted on februarY 29, 2016

Your Sweet 16 is a really big deal, and for a celebration like this you need a mind-blowing theme that will keep your guests talking. PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA, is more than an excellent Sweet 16 venue. We’ll help you plan a Sweet 16 of the year your guests will remember for years to come.

The Perfect Color Palette for Your Sweet 16

Whether you opt for monochromatic, rainbow or the colors of your favorite sports team, choosing the right color palette gives you an opportunity for lots of creativity. Have a candy bar filled with candies that match the theme, matching food and drinks. Guests could be asked to wear a specific color to the party, specified on their matching theme invitations! This gives you the opportunity to stand out at your party, while still creating a memorable backdrop and theme.

The Fairytale of Your Dreams

Be the Princess or Prince for the night at your dream-worthy party! Choose either your favorite fairytale, or mix elements of each of them to make your own special story. Ask guests to dress as their favorite fairytale characters and decorate the room with fairies, battery operated tea lights and lots of fresh flowers. Bonus: hire a fortune teller or magician to bring a little magic to your party!

Opt for an Elegant Garden Party

Have a sophisticated afternoon garden party if you have a smaller guest list or wish to avoid dancing. This party will stick in everyone’s memories as the most stylish sweet 16 ever thrown! Ask guests to wear tea-length summer dresses and slacks with white shirts, decorate the room and cake with your favorite fresh flowers, and give away tea cups as your party favors. You can even hire a string quartet for live music.

Host a Masquerade Ball

Make your Sweet 16 a Cinderella dream with a masquerade. Send your invites on masks and ask all guests to put them on before they arrive. Have fun guessing who is who as you dance the night away in opulent clothing and eat masquerade themed cake.

Glow the Night Away

Throw your party after dark and dance the evening away with the lights low and the black lights bright! Send glow sticks with your invitations, and ask your friends to wear white so they really glow! Bonus: Have a bakery spray the cake with neon coloring.

Celebrate with a Carnival Theme

This is the perfect set up for maximum party-games. Set up ring toss, balloon pop, basket ball shoot, and all your favorite carnival games. Have a circus tent themed cake, cotton candy, and popcorn as your carnival fare, and send out invites that look like game tickets! Go the extra mile and hire a performer a magician or contortionist.

Whatever your theme, let us help your dream night come true at Pine Crest Country Club!

Get Hitched Without a Hitch:
3 Tips to Make Your Lansdale Wedding Day a Success

Posted on FEBRUARY 12, 2015

Lansdale, Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to have the wedding of your dreams. Here are a few ways you can make sure your wedding day goes according to plan in our picturesque suburb.

Check the Weather and Plan Accordingly

The weather can have a big effect on your wedding day, so make sure you look at a farmer’s almanac to get a good idea of what month will give you the weather you want to backdrop your event. Also make sure that you plan for the weather to not cooperate. If you want an outdoor wedding, ensure you choose a venue, like PineCrest Country Club, that has indoor and outdoor options just in case the clouds roll in.

Book Overnight Accommodations

Make sure your guests choose and book their Lansdale hotel as soon as possible to help guarantee that everyone has the room and number of beds they want. Also inform the hotel ahead of time of any special requests, allergies, or needs such as a first floor room. Lansdale has many beautiful hotels to choose from, so plan ahead to get the one that makes you happy!

Pick A Great Venue

Pick a venue with beautifully manicured grounds, meticulously decorated and cleaned facilities, and with professional catering staff on hand. What venue has all that? PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, of course. PineCrest has everything from adequate parking for your guests, an onsite honeymoon suite, multiple choices for your ceremony and reception- indoors and outdoors- and everything you need to help you get hitched without a hitch!

The 5 Benefits of a Country Club Wedding in PA
Posted on JANUARY 28, 2015

At PineCrest Country Club, in Lansdale, PA, we are ecstatic when we find out someone has booked their wedding with us. Number one, we love weddings, and number two, we know that if you book with us your wedding is going to be everything you dreamed of. Often we hear the question though, “Why have a wedding at a country club?”

Well, Let me tell you 5 reasons why you should have your wedding at a country club, specifically, with our country club.


Country clubs provide more options for your wedding than any other venue. Outdoor wedding, indoor wedding, wedding on the deck, separate venues for the wedding and dinner or same venue- it doesn’t matter because a country club can provide it. Our immaculately manicured grounds provide a lovely backdrop for your nuptials, our deck makes the perfect place for cocktails, and out ballroom provides an airy and comfortable space for your guests to dance the night away.

Having a wedding that is non-traditional, or traditional to your cultural? We would LOVE to help you with that! We even have custom packages for Indian Weddings. Whatever your style, you can choose from our many venue packages and catering packages to fit your budget and your preferences. We are here to make you happy.

Nothing Beats our Aesthetic

Our gardeners work hard to ensure our grounds are beautiful, year round. Your guests will enjoy the bright green grass, expertly cared for trees and flowers, and meticulously cared for buildings. You won’t have to worry about perfectly framing pictures to avoid ugly backgrounds.

Keeping it All On Site

Our on-site catering company will ensure your food is exactly what you asked for. Choose from our wide variety on our menus to make sure each guest is happy with their meal. We are happy to work with dietary needs, allergies, and food preferences, and if you find yourself in need of anything mid-event, we will be right there to help!


At other venues, parking can be an issue that no one realizes until the day of the event, and it can be a mess! A country club wedding venue provides more than enough parking for all guests to easily find without stress or concern.

Always Prepared

With a large staff on hand, country clubs can be prepared for any issue that may arise. And, at the end of the event, we are prepared to clean up after the party so you can go to your bridal suite and relax.

Choose a country club for your wedding venue to ensure less stress, better pictures, and the perfect set up to make you happy. And, if you’re choosing a country club for your wedding, choose PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, PA

How to Plan a Perfect Baby Shower
Posted on JANUARY 26, 2015

There’s no happier time in a family than when they are welcoming a new baby to the world, and it’s the perfect time to have a great big celebration! Baby showers are a must when there’s a new child on the way, to ensure the new mother is prepared with everything she needs. Let’s look at some ideas for throwing the perfect baby shower in Montgomery County, PA!

Consult with the Mom-To-Be

Make sure that everything from the date to the theme is approved by the guest of honor. Find out what she’s craving and set that up as the menu. Don’t make her do all the work but ensure she will enjoy her own party! Find out where she has registered and help her register if she hasn’t done so yet. Find out the theme of the nursery and if she wants the party to have the same theme. Make it all about her and baby to ensure that it’s a happy event!

Prepare Early

These days everyone is very busy and the earlier they know about an event the better! Try to set the date and place at least a month early and send out the invites. Sending invites any later may result in little to no guests showing up and you don’t want that! This also requires booking the venue, like PineCrest Country Club early. Venues like this book up quickly so you’ll want to pick your location, and which room or deck you want and book it as soon as possible.

Perfect Venue

We at PineCrest can help you with this! We have several outdoor and indoor spaces, in different sizes to fit the number of guests attending. Tables can be set up in any configuration you choose, and we have plenty of room for a full lunch buffet or a simple tea party set up. Each area is bright and open and relaxing, perfect for your party!


Seek out and purchase decorations that fit your theme as soon as you choose one. Some party themes may require that you special order your decorations. Also, check with the venue to see how much time you’ll have to set-up. Bring help with you, to help speed up the decorating.


We already mentioned ensuring that you choose food that fits the mom-to-be’s palate, now you need to get the menu finalized. PineCrest Country Club has an on-site caterer that can help you mainstream this process and keep it all on the property!

The next time you need to plan a baby shower, we hope you choose PineCrest Country Club in Montgomery County, PA, and remember to make the party all about the new mother and the baby!


Celebrating Your Milestone Birthday In Style
Posted on December 23, 2015

You’re never far from a milestone birthday, whether it be 21, 30, or 50 the years keep marching on. Many people dread these milestones as if, by avoiding celebrating, they won’t get any older. Instead, we at PineCrest Country Club, located in Lansdale, PA, encourage you to embrace it and celebrate each milestone in a big way! Each year is a blessing and it is time to recognize how lucky we are to meet each big birthday and commemorate each transition in life.

Here are some sure-fire ways to have the perfect retreat.

21st Birthday Cocktail Party

Even though we are adults at 18, the true milestone birthday for being an adult is 21. This is the perfect birthday to throw a cocktail party! Complete with cocktail dresses and suits, a Madmen-esq party is a great way to feel like an adult that has it all together. Finding a signature cocktail for the party is a great way for the guest of honor to taste-test new adult beverages for the first time and find a favorite. A DJ is a great way to still keep the party young and to play trendy dance music and keep the party rockin’ till closing time!

30 and Thriving!

This birthday is a transition into being an experienced adult. You probably have a career and/or kids and it is time to celebrate surviving all you went through in your 20’s to get to this point! You may have been through college, many bad job interviews, a number of bad dates and now you’re reaching an age where people are asking YOU for advice. Celebrate where you came from and what you went through by having a 1990s- early 2000’s (Y2K anyone?) themed party featuring music from your favorite years. Decorate the party with pictures showing your progression from kid to adult and all your big milestones. Make the featured drink your favorite wine or beer because nothing says your 30’s like sipping on a good microbrew or local wine!

40 and Fabulous

It is time to be Forty and Fabulous! Throw yourself a party in Lansdale, PA, complete with champagne because you are old enough to appreciate it and you can afford it! Have your favorite local band play the party and wear a chic dress or suit to underline that 40 is the new 30. You are experienced, educated, and successful and it is time to celebrate all that you have done.

50 with Family

Being over-the-hill is a thing of the past. Now, a 50th birthday means you are in your prime. At half a century old your family is probably growing and your kids are probably old enough to join the party. Make it a family occasion and invite all your family and friends to come rally around you for the next big part of your life to begin! Empty nesters will especially love to have the kids home and having fun. Hire a band that plays low-key music while everyone mingles and catches up on old times.

60 and Up

60, 70, 80, 90, and even 100, are great birthdays to celebrate with a banquet! Have a table at the front for the guest of honor and their spouse and closest family members and invite everyone whose lives they have touched. Old army buddies, students, and coworkers will love an elegant sit-down dinner where everyone can pass around a mic and tell their favorite stories about the host. After the dinner, the band can play your favorite music and everyone can take turns dancing with the birthday girl/boy!

These are just a few ideas that we, at PineCrest, are happy to help you setting up and tailoring to you! Whether it is your 21st birthday or your 100th, get out there and celebrate in style at our birthday party venue in Lansdale, PA.

Corporate Retreats Near Philadelphia, PA
Posted on December 17, 2015

The beginning of the new year is like the beginning of a football game, and the beginning of a football game is incomplete without a motivational speech to get the players pumped up to win the game. For a business, this is the perfect time to get your team pumped, refocused, and excited to have a winning year.

Start the year off right with a corporate retreat near Philadelphia, PA, at PineCrest Country Club. We have rooms for any size business, and enough space for your individual branches or departments to split up and focus on their goals. Each of our spaces are elegant and relaxing, yet bright and easy to transform to fit your needs. Once you have the perfect venue, you have a lot of planning to do to make it the perfect retreat that will give your business a boost and keep your employees attentive and excited to come to work each day.

Here are some sure-fire ways to have the perfect retreat.

A Full Stomach and Active Mind

No one works well on an empty stomach. Let us help you with our menu tailored perfectly for corporate events. Start the day off with a relaxing breakfast where everyone can mingle and munch on their favorite foods to start the day at our continental breakfast. Afterwards, everyone will be ready to pay attention to anything said at the podium until lunch where they can mingle, eat a delicious lunch with a large selection of entrees and sides, enough to fit any picky eater or restricted diet, and be refuel so they can tackle the rest of the day.

Inspiring Speakers

Hiring Speakers that your employees can identify with and find inspiration in can be the difference between a productive and an unproductive retreat. You don’t want all your planning to go to waste, so ensure that speakers are experienced, engaging, and well spoken. It’s also helpful if these speakers are from your specific field of work, or someone your employees can look up to. PineCrest Country Club, conveniently located in Lansdale PA, also has a VIP suit to accommodate your VIP speaker and help them be their very best as they are giving your team that motivational speech.

Learning to Relax

We know stress is one of the most dangerous things in our lives. How about helping your employees lead healthier, more productive lives by teaching them to manage stress? Bringing in an expert on the field to teach your employees to learn to de-stress or be constructive in a high stress environment is a great way to boost productivity in your office. We recommend having this class out on the deck or veranda to help employees relax and get out of the office mindset.

Entertainment and Comradery

Your team works better if they get to know each other and like each other. How about promoting comradery by holding a catered dinner in the evening with music and dancing so employees can let loose and make friends. Another great option may be setting up a tee-time one morning so everyone can play a friendly game of golf and unwind.

No matter how you plan your corporate retreat near Philadelphia, PA, we can help you tailor it to your business so that you can start the year off ready to tackle anything that gets in your way!

Same-sex Wedding Trends
Posted on December 4, 2015

In 2015 Same-sex marriage was finally ruled as a constitutional right in the United States and to us at PineCrest Country Club that means... more weddings!

Along with a large group finally being able to get married comes new traditions and trends, so here are some things you can look forward to seeing at some of the weddings you may be going to (or planning yourself!) in 2016. And of course, we are hoping some of that planning includes booking your same-sex wedding at PineCrest Country Club.

Walking Together

One of the biggest trends with weddings for same-sex couples so far has been either walking each other down the aisle, or having two aisles—one for each lovely bride or handsome groom to make their debut down, and then meet at the alter. Many couples in general are beginning to forego being, “given away,” because, though traditional, a bit dated due to its origins. Same-sex couples especially, though, are changing it up and walking together instead of picking one person to take the aisle.

Simple, Elegant DEcor

No one knows about the fight for love like the LGBT community. Marriage equality has lifted a heavy weight off the hearts of many, and now they just want to tie the knot! For Same-sex couples, the wedding is all about the marriage. Pretty décor and clothing are nice, but many couples have been waiting for this day for decades, which is why many couples are going for simple and elegant flower arrangements and decor so as not to take away from the ceremony and celebration itself. It’s their day, not the centerpieces.

Local Getaways

Like we said, many LGBT couples have been together in a committed relationship for years. They’ve taken the trips, they’ve been there, they’ve seen that. Many same-sex couples are taking short honeymoons, or even no honeymoon, simply because they feel they don’t need it. Weekend getaways to beaches, wineries, and mountains within driving distance give them a few days together to reconnect are being chosen over week long vacations to Fiji.

What’s in a Name?

In traditional marriages a woman takes a man’s name, but how does one decide who gives up their name when there are two grooms or two brides? Some couples are choosing to hyphenate, but this can cause confusion in records, especially with medical coverage and in the military. Many couples are simplifying this by removing this tradition from their marriage altogether. Fighting over whose name should be taken can put a damper on the marriage if neither wants to change their name. This lets couples enjoy their union as it is, without putting so much emphasis on what their driver's license says.

Eco-friendly Country Club Weddings:
Saying “I Do” with Respect to Mother Nature

Posted on November 25, 2015

Weddings are all about making a splash. Which, isn’t a bad thing when that splash takes on a different shade of green than what most of us associate with The Big Day. Here at PineCrest Country Club, we encourage brides and grooms to incorporate sustainable details into their big day—after all, we are home to a beautiful golf course that demands eco-conscious thinking and maintenance.

Sure going green on your wedding day sounds trendy. But think of the benefits to the environment. And, to your sense of activism and pride. Showing sensitivity to Mother Nature is not only admirable, it also helps you feel better about the unavoidable excess associated with wedding celebrations. Because let’s face it, weddings can be big drains on the environment. Whether you’re planning a country club wedding or hosting at a different type of venue, our tips for greening your wedding will leave you guilt-free and in some cases, with a little extra green in your pocket.

Here are a few ways you can say your “I Dos” without any green guilt:

Twist Up Tradition

Tradition is usually the name of the game for the weddings, but there are some unique spins couples can take to make their day eco-friendly and 2015-ready.

We’ve all gotten wedding invitation packages that come chock full of paper—invite, menu list, RSVP card and more—a lot of which likely gets tossed. So why not try going paperless? Companies like Paperless Post offer beautifully crafted e-vites, and others like RSVPify help you collect and track RSVPs—without all the wasted paper.

Another time-honored tradition that some couples are cutting out is the wedding registry—which often sends guests store to store to shop for mass-produced items that may end up sitting in closets. Instead, couples can opt for practicality and request donations to sites like Feather the Nest, where you can save for (green!) home improvements, or register at Green Bride Guide, which directs guests to eco-friendly gifts.

Location, Location, Location

The wedding location can be another important factor in making your wedding green.

While outdoor weddings pose the least threat to the environment, the approaching winter weather may cut out the backyard-wedding idea. For indoor weddings at venues like country clubs or hotels, look for energy-efficient lighting, leftover-food donation policies and water-conservation efforts.

While many indoor venues may offer multiple spaces for your event, having your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in one area can cut down on electricity and other environmental expenses.

Picking a venue that’s centrally located—to cut down on guest travel—can also keep your green goals on track.

Going Green

Red and green will likely be everywhere at weddings in the next few weeks, but you can also put the other kind of green into your holiday wedding.

With most winter weddings indoors, couples may try to go overboard on flowers to spruce up the space. But, with only certain flowers in season at this time of year, florists may have to ship your favorite buds in, upping the impact on the environment.

Instead, think local and in-season. And go simple: Greens and garlands can liven up a centerpiece or ceremony aisle, without leaving a huge carbon footprint.

You can even skip out on the flowers and opt for stems made from recycled paper. Order them from companies like EcoFlower, which has a special holiday section, or, try your hand at a DIY bouquet or display.

With just a few simple choices, you can make sure your big day doesn’t have a big impact on the environment.


Corporate Meeting Survival Tips
Posted on November 9, 2015

Despite the joy you get out of your professional career, attending corporate events can be a drag—more so, when you’re feeling time-crunched and antsy about that never-dwindling to-do list or pending deal. No matter what industry you work in, it’s pretty likely you’ll spend sometime during the year networking, idea sharing or celebrating with coworkers and peers.

To anyone who predates the mobile device addiction, relaxing into ‘facetime’ is second nature. But for many younger professionals, being ‘stuck’ at a corporate event can cause a lot of anxiety. Hold fast to these simple corporate meeting survival tips and you’ll make a lasting impression. Which, by the way, has more to do with good manners than how sharp you, or your latest sales numbers, look. Regardless of how high or low you are on the corporate ladder, the most respected people in the room are those who let everyone know, through their body language and dialogue, that they’re engaged in what’s happening in real-time and on-location.

Arrive on Time

This is as no-brainer as it gets: Unless there’s a disaster, it’s critical that you arrive for your meeting on time or earlier. Arriving late will interrupt the event and draw unwanted attention. If you have never been to the location of the meeting, allow extra time for traffic, finding a parking space, and navigating the facility.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Ditch your phone and if doing so, let everyone know that you’re using your tablet for note taking. Tuning out your cell phone is probably one of the hardest things to do during a corporate event. Unless the event host has invited live-tweeting or Facebook posting, it’s wise to keep that phone out of sight. Turning your ringer to silent is a given, but notification lights and eyes that dart back and forth can be distracting and make those around you wonder where your mind is. Going ‘hands-free’ is much easier when that phone is stashed.

Get it on Paper

There’s a reason we all have business cards. Your corporate event is one of them. Stock up and invite others to pass theirs onto you. Be prepared to take notes as well: Listening to a speech may be one thing, but you’ll want to remember the information touched on in the presentation and notes will allow you to reference them during a future time. It’s also a good idea to jot a few details down on each business card so you don’t draw a blank on its owner when you’re trying to set up a meeting or add to your email list.

When to Ask Questions (and When Not To)

A Q&A session is standard procedure following a presentation. Unless you’re completely tongue-tied or unsure that you’re question will be well received and move the conversation along, go ahead and participate. Just don’t be that person to ask a question that has already been answered or get too detailed just as the session is winding down and everyone else wants to mingle or get back to the office.

PineCrest Country Club is one of the top meeting venues in Montgomery County. Whether you’re joining us for just a few hours or all day, we have the space, the cutting-edge technical amenities and the team, to ensure a glitch-free event. To learn more, contact us at (215) 631-3417.

Top Myths about Country Club Weddings Debunked
Posted on October 29, 2015

When you are seeking a venue for your wedding, why not consider a country club? Though many people assume that these facilities are snooty and expensive, country clubs actually make the ideal site to host your special day. Here are four myths about country club weddings debunked and why the modern bride and groom should consider having their wedding at one of these extraordinary settings.

“You have to be a member” and “it’s very restrictive.”

This is false. Nonmembers are more than welcome to host events at country clubs. And while you can’t run across the golf greens, a country club’s terms and regulations are no firmer than any other venue. They are in place for your safety.

It’s (overly) pricey.

This is what many folks assume, but is definitely not true. PineCrest County Club can offer you extravagant wedding services, food, and drinks at surprisingly affordable prices.

Additionally, members enjoy extra perks if they decide to host an event. You may want to think about joining your local country club to see what ‘fab’ amenities they have of offer— and even a possible discount on the venue charge.

You have to do all of the work yourself.

A country club wedding is actually very easy to plan. PineCrest’s services include food, setup and cleanup, all of the tables, linens, chairs, and more. It’s the complete package. You’ll also reap the benefits of their time-tested relationships with wedding coordinators, photographers, bakeries, and other vendors who would be more than happy to make your special day complete.

Country clubs don’t offer full wedding packages.

PineCrest Country Club offers packages for all types of events, but when it comes to weddings, every effort has been made to keep costs down to a dull roar while amping up ‘the extras’ such as trendy bar and food menus and service, live music or a DJ, videography services, flower design, and more. Whatever your taste and budget, PineCrest will make you, and your celebration, shine.

PineCrest is… the Perfect Setting

Have the wedding of your dreams at PineCrest Country Club. Their sweeping ballroom accommodates up to 270 guests while the elegant PineCrest Room is ideal for smaller parties and receptions. The 1,800 sq. ft. deck overlooks the lush 9th and 18th holes of the immaculate golf course, making the perfect backdrop for your ceremony or cocktail party.

Don’t let these myths about country club weddings stop you from exploring all venue options. Now is the time to start planning the wedding you have always dreamed about. Contact PineCrest Country Club today and see why you should make their dazzling setting your own.


Last-minute Tips for your Fall Wedding
Posted on October 16, 2015

Here at PineCrest we get very excited about weddings. Especially when our brides and grooms turn us onto new décor and fashion trends. Their contemporary style and DIY savviness never fails to impress and gives our in-house wedding planner an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ to the couples with whom we work. If you’re looking for last-minute tips to help put a seasonal splash into your big day, don’t ignore these six trends:

Whimsical Cakes
If you are hosting a fall wedding filled with classic detailing and a romantic color palette, try including a classic all-white cake topped with white blooms and fresh berries for an organic topper that’s extra sweet!

Quirky Calligraphy
Fall weddings are all about embracing the magic in the brisk air, and what better way to do that than with breezy stationary full of graceful garlands and windswept calligraphy? Another big trend is stamps. Not your average postal stamps but ones coordinating with your wedding theme and in bright, bold colors.

Fall Fashion
Glam up your look while keeping warm with the addition of a faux fur shrug or jewel-toned shawl: These accessories lend an air of old-world glam while not weighing you down. Be sure to keep the style of your dress in mind when choosing a coat and get creative by playing with different textures – think shearling paired with fur.

Pumpkin Everything
Besides the obvious fall food trends, weddings are seeing some creative foodie touches this year, including gourmet coffee stands, craft beer tastings, and cinnamon baskets.

Bring the Outdoors In
Take your wedding décor to new heights – literally. Fall wedding receptions are all about taking advantage of the space between the tabletops and ceiling, so build it up! Think rustic leaf-adorned branches or garland for centerpieces, ripe apples, corn stalks and more.

Keep Your Guests Warm
Fall is tricky when it comes to temperature, so be sure to keep some cozy throw blankets or wraps in a pretty basket by a porch or patio door. No matter what, someone always likes to sneak outside during the reception.